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Keywords: cyberspace
Downloads: 42
[audio]IUMA: CyberSpace
Spawned out of the "Wintermute" project. Decided needed an outlet for the Trance we were doing, to keep from "watering down" the Wintermute sound.
Keywords: CyberSpace
Downloads: 13
7 female prof. musicians play 60`s and 70`s and also great songs from today. piece and freedom--LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL AND DANCE TO THE MUSIC
Downloads: 38
[movies]A (Re)Slice of Life Online -- Part One - Howard Rheingold
The 21st-century version of Howard Rheingold's 1993 essay "A Slice of Life in My Virtual Community" -- showing and telling the details of hunting, gathering, and socializing online today.
Keywords: rheingold; cyberspace
Downloads: 73
[audio]IUMA: Incas In Cyberspace
Inca's Musicians on the roll with an unique combination of Trance, Andean, Hip Hop, Rock with Modern Harmonies and Beautiful melodies over Andean Flutes
Keywords: Incas In Cyberspace
Downloads: 23
[audio]Email Female - Thomas Williams
a funny song about computer romance
Keywords: email.female; cyberspace; avatar
Downloads: 99
[audio]Socially Constructed Knowledge in Cyberspace - Beverly-Lynne Aronnowitz
A Learning Unit for College Composition at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, Richmond, VA
Keywords: Socially; Constructed; Knowledge; Cyberspace
Downloads: 23
[unknown]Usenet groups within alt.cyberspace from
Usenet newsgroups within "alt.cyberspace", contributed courtesy of These captures omit most binary posts.
Keywords: alt.cyberspace.isnt.real.people;; alt.cyberspace; alt.cyberspace.rebels
Downloads: 68
[movies]Privacy in Cyberspace
The internet is great for finding information and people, but sometimes it's too easy to find out personal information about people. This program looks at several ways to preserve your online privacy. Featured sites include,,,,, and Originally broadcast in 1997 from the CyberSmith internet cafe in Palo Alto, California...
Keywords: privacy; identity; cyberspace
Downloads: 2,165
[movies]Virtual Reality
Virtual reality started out as a science fiction concept in the early 1950s. Now, VR has become a kind of holy grail - lots of promises and claims, few results delivered. This program looks at the state of virtual reality. Demonstrations include the Talking Glove, AutoDesk's Cyberspace project, the Virtual Hand, GestureGlove, CyberGlove, CyberCAD, Virtus Corporation's WalkThrough. Also a visit to the Virtual Reality Showcase at the Software Development Conference in Santa Clara, California...
Keywords: VRML; cyberspace; VR; AutoCAD
Downloads: 18,095 4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars4.50 out of 5 stars(5 reviews)
[audio]IUMA: the cyberspace from constellation lyra
my name is Angelko and I was born in eastern Europe. Moved to US in 1994.Now I leave and Work in NYC Enough said?
Keywords: the cyberspace from constellation lyra
Downloads: 10
[movies]Journalists And Reporters At Christian Lifestyle In Cyberspace TV Networks - Faith Sya for Hallelujah Cherub Media Productions
This is a video trailer of the Journalists and Reporters at CLC Channel. Programmes will start in October 2014
Keywords: Christianity; Lifestyle; Cyberspace; Films; Animation
Downloads: 6
[audio]Cyberspace - Ninjai
"A groovy journey into a psychedelic cyberspace world... Ninjai´s second mix released on Lab Room Unlimited."
Keywords: Ninjai, Cyberspace, Lab Room Unlimited
Downloads: 14
[audio]Recording 001 - The Solitary Lodger
Pondering the subject of the right to privacy as it applies to cyberspace. Music provided by Fellirium. Please visit their website at or
Keywords: Personal; recording; privacy; internet; cyberspace
Downloads: 8
[audio]Interview met Wim Neijenhuis over dwelling in cyberspace - Geert Lovink
Wim Neijenhuis over dwelling in cyberspace
Keywords: Interview; Wim Neijenhuis; dwelling in cyberspace; Geert Lovink
Downloads: 8
[audio]domination - nigga grim
grim singmuf & shawn repaye
Keywords: new music for you made right here in cyberspace
Downloads: 5
[audio]Interview met Wim Neijenhuis over dwelling in cyberspace - Geert Lovink
Wim Neijenhuis over dwelling in cyberspace
Keywords: Wim Neijenhuis; cyberspace; Geert Lovink; BILWET portretten gallerij
Downloads: 14
[movies]TOTSTELLEN - you've got a friend @ myspace - grimm
videoperformance of totstellen during the "das kleine fieldrecording festival" 2009 in hoerbar/hamburg. - in this work the terrain of fieldrecordings is questioned. is the so called virtual space a part of what is described as "field", in fieldrecordings? as part of our enviroment (or even nature) all kind of (sound)spaces have to be taken into account, no matter if it is the songs of the birds or radio, mobile or w-lan waves surrounding us...
Keywords: totstellen; grimm; totes format; field recordings; myspace; videoperformance; cyberspace
Downloads: 87
[texts]Cyberspace Policy Review: Assuring a Trusted and Resilient Information and Communications Infrastructure - United States. Executive Office of the President
2009. OCLC Number: 374845765 Protecting cyberspace requires strong vision and leadership and will require changes in policy, technology, education, and perhaps law. The 60-day cyberspace policy review summarizes conclusions and outlines the beginning of a way forward in building a reliable, resilient, trustworthy digital infrastructure for the future. There are opportunities for everyone -- individuals, academia, industry, and governments -- to contribute toward this vision...
Keywords: IADeposit; Cyberspace; Cyberterrorism; Internet -- Security Measures -- United States
Downloads: 1,167
[audio]A Declaration Of The Independence Of Cyberspace - John Perry Barlow
A Manifesto on the Natural Liberties & the Anti-Sovereignty of Cyberspace from Futurist & The Electronic Frontier Foundation ( co-founder John Perry Barlow. Released by Department of Records 2014
Keywords: John Perry Barlow; declaration; cyberspace; EFF; manifesto; Department of Records; Electronic Frontier Foundation; A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace; Drazen Bosnjak; DOR
Downloads: 212
[audio]interview met Reinoud van Vught over ruis en cyberspace - Geert Lovink
Reinoud van Vught vertelt over digitale ruis en cyberspace.
Keywords: Reinoud van Vught; ruis en cyberspace; Geert Lovink; BILWET portretten gallerij
Downloads: 3
[audio]Evasions of Power - Slought Foundation
Slought Foundation is pleased to announce "Evasions of Power," a series of events exploring the relations between architecture, literature and geo-politics. Departing from the usual academic convention of presenting knowledge in the form of straightforward talks or presentations, this project will include a series of roundtable discussions, debates and interventions of varying duration, with an integrated online presence...
Keywords: architecture, power, space, politics, cyberspace, networks, netwar, interventions, information, perception, sociology
Downloads: 68
[texts]Libertas Episode 1 Alpha - Stefan Kluge,
Warnung!Diese Version ist Early Access. Wenn Du weiter liest musst Du mit inhaltlichen und formellen Fehlern rechnen. Fahre nur fort, wenn Du Dich an der Weiterentwicklung des Romans beteiligen willst. Feedback ist wärmstens willkommen.Stefan KlugeVEB FILM Leipzig: Open Source Film Netlabel
Keywords: Stefan Kluge; Cypherpunk; Cyberpunk; Anarcho Capitalism; Thomas Jefferson; Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace
Downloads: 4
[movies]CLC TV Channel You Tube Intro July 2014 - Hallelujah Cherub
This is the introductory video of the Christian Lifestyle in Cyberspace TV Channel, which is scheduled to start broadcasting in October 2014. The aim of this online portal is to provide Christ focused online content to enable Christians all over the world to make informed choices about their online activities. There will be online contents (Films & Cartoons) to suit all ages and issues such as cyber bullying, cyber harassment, cyber stalking etc...
Keywords: Christian Lifestyle; Cyberspace; Online Safety; Cyberpattern Analytics; Games Analytics; Web TV Channel
Downloads: 13
[audio]Baglan Nurhan Rhymes--#1 Business Executive--and Pilot for Cyberspace Editorial Corner on Insight Radio - Insight Communications Inc.
Baglan Nurhan Rhymes--#1 Business Executive--and Pilot for Cyberspace Editorial Corner on Insight Radio
Keywords: Baglan Nurhan Rhymes--#1 Business Executive--and Pilot for Cyberspace Editorial Corner on Insight Radio
Downloads: 3
[texts]Electronic Civil Disobedience
Electronic Civil Disobedience
Keywords: electronic; isobedience; cyberspace; ivil; lectronic; npopular; power; political; resistance; nomadic; npopular ideas; electronic civil; secret service; physical space; centralized organizations
Downloads: 23
[movies]Digital Tipping Point: Margaret Aranyosi, Executive Director of KITE, Inc. 008 - Christian Einfeldt
This is one of many short video segments which will be added to the Digital Tipping Point (DTP) archive. In this segment, Margaret Aranyosi gives a few more details on KITE Inc.'s work in the Congo. KITE gave a notebook computer with a satellite-capable card, because he was not able to stay in any one place for very long. The government of the Congo was pursuing him, had burned his house down, and told him that he had to leave the country or be killed...
Keywords: Aranyosi, Margaret; Margaret Aranyosi; self determination; freedom in cyberspace and political freedom; printing press, open source software as
Downloads: 144
[texts]Apple Manual: Neuromancer-ReferenceCard
Apple Manual: Neuromancer-ReferenceCard
Keywords: joystick; command; neuromancer; icons; cyberspace; pax; icon; inventory; press; select; command icons; joystick pointer; space bar; rom construct
Downloads: 59
[texts]We Declare The 50 Indpependent States of America Obama-Deposed-Before-Election-Day-140page - The Joyous Creator
Available for free (and copyright-free) download: * 29 Page Cyberspace Torpedo vs 2012s Creeping Fascism * MemoryCardHistoryBook2012 Obama-Deposed-Before-Election-Day-140pages * We Declare The 50 Independent States of America - 29 Pages ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LETTERS: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Archive of Messages: fw: Fw: Obama's Impeachment is gearing up hardcore...
Keywords: Message in a bottle from God; Snobbish Creatur Spanked; 29 Page Cyberspace Torpedo vs 2012s Creeping Fascism
Downloads: 1,653
[texts]Education in cyberspace - Career Times -
On Campus News every month from the world of academia Education in cyberspace By Nicole Wong Advances in technology have accelerated the development of new areas of knowledge, as well as provided new channels through which to pursue continuing education. In this respect, Hong Kong CyberU (HKCyberU), which was established in 2000 as the first local "institute" in cyberspace, has been an undoubted pioneer...
Keywords: Career Times; Career; on campus; education; Hong Kong Cyber U; HK CyberU; business development manager; cyberspace; institute; online degree programmes; communication; Hong Kong Polytechnic University; PolyU; technology
Downloads: 60
[audio]Art Monthly Talk Show on Resonance104.4 FM, 14th October 2011 - Art Monthly and Resonance 104.4 FM
This programmes discusses Digital and Other Virtualities: Renegotiating the Image Morgan Quaintance finds virtual reality reinvigorated by new texts 'Cyberspace, the once maddeningly ubiquitous neologism coined in William Gibson's 1984 novel Neuromancer, has, since its heyday in the early 1990s, been relegated to the bargin bin of passé cultural terminology, along with its sibling virtual reality.'and Dissolution- Laura McLean-Ferris on the internet, sculpture and the body in pieces A new gen...
Keywords: Virtualities; Digital; Morgan Quaintance; Cyberspace; William Gibson; Neuromancer; Dissolution; Laura McLean-Ferris; the body in pieces; post-internet; bodily dissolution; virtual reality
Downloads: 7
[audio]Insight: eValentines': Socializing in an Electronic World / Airport Art
How we make friends, socialize, and date are governed by many unwritten rules, and they seem to change all the time! For Valentine's Day Insight focuses on how people interact online, and what the rules are for finding a date in cyberspace. Plus: We talk with the artist responsible for the large bird sculptures adorning Sacramento International Airport.
Keywords: dating; socializing; Valentine's Day online; cyberspace dating; KXJZ; Insight; Sacramento public radio; Capital Public Radio; airport bird sculpture; Sacramento International Airport artwork
Downloads: 211
[movies]Digital Tipping Point: Richard Stallman_009 - Christian Einfeldt
This is one of many short video segments which will be added to the Digital Tipping Point (DTP) archive. We are very proud to exhibit this segment of our interview with Richard Stallman, the man who first articulated the power of sharing free software. Verbatim copying and distribution of this entire article are permitted worldwide without royalty in any medium provided this notice is preserved. Excerpts consisting of any number of complete sentences may be used on the same terms...
Keywords: Richard Stallman; Stallman, Richard; RMS; Firefox;; and freedom; GIMP; Digital Tipping Point not certain; Freedom in cyberspace and political freedom
Downloads: 1,234
[audio]Art Monthly Talk Show on Resonance104.4 FM, 14th October 2011 - art Monthly and Resonance 104.4 FM
Dissolution Laura McLean-Ferris on the internet, sculpture and the body in pieces A new generation of artists is tackling an age-old modernist subject with a post-internet mindset, asking not what we might fear from future bodily dissolution but how we should celebrate its existing effects. 'Dissolution has been heralded, positively and negatively, incessantly over history. Over the past few years, however, a skewed sense of pace has developed: did we miss it actually happening?' Digital and Oth...
Keywords: Anthony Bryant; bodily dissolution; Cyberspace; Digital; Dissolution; Griselda Pollock; Laura McLean-Ferris; Morgan Quaintance; Neuromancer; post-internet; the body in pieces; virtual reality; Virtualities; William Gibson
Downloads: 844
[texts]Press Release MPAA Valenti Calls On Senate Committe To Ratify WIPO Treaties Protecting U. S. Intellectual Property
Press Release MPAA Valenti Calls On Senate Committe To Ratify WIPO Treaties Protecting U. S. Intellectual Property
Keywords: copyright; digital; valenti; DeCSS; senate; intellectual; wipo; industries; internet; ratify; cyberspace; intellectual property; grandest trade; copyright industries; foreign relations; senate foreign; creative works
Downloads: 18
[software]CyberNet Worlds -
This is a 3D chat program with 3D avatars, virtual worlds, instant messaging, file transfer and a contacts list. You can also play 3D virtual games.
Keywords: CyberNet Worlds; Internet; Communications; Chat room; virtual worlds; cyberspace; 3d; avatar; community; chat; chatrooms; virtual reality; friends; models; textures; graphics; internet; browser; software; truespace
Downloads: 96
[movies]The Age of Transitions - Aaron Franz
The Age of Transitions demonstrates what our technological future is going to be like, according to those on the cutting edge of futuristic innovation and discovery. It also addresses the long-forgotten pseudo-science of Eugenics. We live in the 21st century now. What will this mean for us? Will you be able to handle the changes?
Keywords: Transhumanism; Eugenics; Alex; Jones; Alan; Watt; Power; Elite; Technology; Future; Patriot; Act; NWO; New; World; Order; Cyberspace; Cybertechnology; Nanotech; Internet; The; Age; Of; Transitions
Downloads: 247
[texts]Code 2.0 - Lawrence Lessig
Although the book is named Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace, Lessig uses this theme sparingly. It is a fairly simple concept: since cyberspace is entirely human-made, there are no natural laws to determine its architecture. While we tend to assume that what is in cyberspace is a given, in fact everything there is a construction based on decisions made by people. What we can and can't do there is governed by the underlying code of all of the programs that make up the Internet, which both permit ...
Keywords: Law and legislation; Cyberspace; Social aspects; Social aspects of Cyberspace; Information superhighway; Computer networks; Right of Privacy; Electronic commerce; Internet; Freedom of information; Social aspects of Information superhighway; Computers; Computers and civilization; Intangible property; Commerce électronique; Liberté d'information; Aspect social; Autoroutes électroniques; Ordinateurs et civilisation; Cyberespace; Juridische aspecten; Regulering; Droit à la vie privée
Downloads: 1,911
[movies]Digital Tipping Point: Margaret Aranyosi, Executive Director of KITE, Inc. 005 - Christian Einfeldt
This is one of many short video segments which will be added to the Digital Tipping Point (DTP) archive. In this segment, Margaret Aranyosi gives her view of how free open source software fits better with cultural independence than proprietary software. She says that with proprietary software, the manufacturer dictates more narrowly how the program will be used. It's hard to change the fundamental parameters of the way that the code works...
Keywords: Aranyosi, Margaret; Margaret Aranyosi; KITE, Inc; free software and free culture; freedom in cyberspace and political freedom; self-determination; owning the code; find your voice; imperialism; microsoft as a US company
Downloads: 277
[movies]Digital Tipping Point: Richard Stallman_003 - Christian Einfeldt
This is one of many short video segments which will be added to the Digital Tipping Point (DTP) archive. We are very proud to exhibit this segment of our interview with Richard Stallman, the man who first articulated the power of sharing free software. Images and audio of Richard Stallman are released under a verbatim-copying-only license which reads as follows: "Verbatim copying and distribution of this entire work is permitted in any medium without royalty provided this notice is preserved." I...
Keywords: Richard Stallman; Stallman, Richard; RMS; DIY becoming more commonplace; car with the hood welded shut; Freedom in cyberspace and political freedom; freedom of choice of auto mechanics; spyware; DRM
Downloads: 615
[texts]Apple Manual: Neuromancer-UserManual
Apple Manual: Neuromancer-UserManual
Keywords: cyberspace; software; comlink; chiba; interplay; skill; deck; pax; neuromancer; bases; interplay productions; skill chips; credit chip; skill chip; rom construct; night city; deck operation; comlink access; body shop; recording medium
Downloads: 22
[movies]b-roll footage from's voter drive 2006 - Christian Einfeldt
This is one of many short video segments which will be added to the Digital Tipping Point (DTP) archive. In this particular segment. This short segment is just b-roll footage of the's voter driver for the US national elections in 2006. This segment was shot on 15 October 2006, in the final dramatic push for the 7 November 2006 elections. Move On uses open source software to power its significant voter registration, funding, and voter turn-out effots...
Keywords:; Move On; Move;; grassroots politics and open source; freedom in cyberspace and political freedom; democracy and open source; voting; voter turn-out; organizing and open source; b-roll
Downloads: 293
[texts]Apple Manual: neuromancer apple manual
Apple Manual: neuromancer apple manual
Keywords: cyberspace; software; pax; neuromancer; chiba; joystick; interplay; skill; deck; comlink; skill chips; rom construct; interplay productions; credit chip; skill chip; night city; deck operation; command icons; body shop; space bar
Downloads: 26
[movies]Richard Stallman & Bruce Peren speaking about Free Software
Richard Stallman & Bruce Peren speaking about Free Software and Open Source
Keywords: Richard Stallman; RMS; Free Software; Democracy; Freedom; cyberspace; social solidarity; Bruce Peren; Open source; development model; proprietary software; public forum; programmers; users; China; Communism; Stock market; economic theory; competition
Downloads: 236
[movies]How Technology Killed Empathy - Sam Vaknin
Everything You Need to Know about Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Abuse - click on this link: Whatever happened to empathy? Where have solidarity, charity, and compassion gone? A series of earth-shattering social, economic, and technological trends converged to render empathy a tedious nuisance best avoided. Foremost among these is the emergence of modern technology...
Keywords: technology; empathy; charity; compassion; screens; iphone; digital camera; smartphone; narcissism; personal computer; personality; home; family; neighborhood; community; industry; city; urban; relationships; interactions; social networks; television; cinema; cyberspace; reality; internet; transportation; telecommunications; isolation; recluse; society; culture; civilization; hermit; hermatic; facebook
Downloads: 202
[movies]John Perry Barlow - On The Right To Know (2008 Digital Freedoms Conference)
John Perry Barlow explains his journey to co-founding the EFF and his larger goal concering a digital society.
Keywords: 2008; Iceland; John Perry Barlow; EFF; Free speech; digital freedom; Internet; ARPANET; World Wide Web; FBI; Secret Service; Steve Jackson Games; Steve Jackson; Austin; Texas; Wyoming; cattle rancher; privacy; survelliance; Apple; Steve Jobs; modem; router; electronic frontier; cyberspace; Grateful Dead; Deadheads
Downloads: 89
[movies]Peter H. Rosen Documentary - Jo Danieli, Peter Rosen
The story of how an artist received a vision that insipired him to dedicate his life to bringing into existence, a new kind of venue (Creativity Cafe) where edutainment is created and shared, and where interactive theater can help to heal hearts, open minds, and make the world a better place by tapping into and unleashing creative force for good on planet Earth. Narration, video clips, and music (all rights reserved) composed, recorded, performed and mixed by Peter Rosen...
Keywords: art; storytelling; digital storytelling; kids; children; peace; transformation; evolution; healing; enlightenment; film; music; artist; visionary; Peter Rosen; Jo Danieli; Maui Hawaii; video; documentary; theater; future; networking; sustainability; creativity; new thought; time; spirit; evolutionary; spiritbody; light painting; photography; filmmaking; visionary; resource center; civilization; movies; making love; internet; film; conflict resolution; unity; community; franchise; showcase; V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media; youth; school; cyberspace; ethics; edutainment; KidCast for Peace; teleconferencing; chat; interactive theater; gathering place; nonprofit; education
Downloads: 1,410 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
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